The World Is A Puppet Show Stage

The British Election was held yesterday (5-5-5, for those who weren’t paying attention), and Eris decided to give the islands another spin of the wheel by re-electing Tony Blair, a hideously unpopular man on both sides of the pond. Possibly not as unpopular as I had been lead to believe, but time will tell.

We truly do live in an age of Discord. With Howdy Doody in the White House, and now with Mr. Punch back in 10 Downing Street, there is more time for Eris to use both puppets to stage a truly horrendous tragical comedy, or comical tragedy, whichever turns your crank. Did I mention that along with confusion, strife, and discord, Eris is also the goddess of bureaucracy . . . seems unlikely to have been a ‘simple coincidence’, don’t you think?

Well, best to keep on her good side, Hail Eris!

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