Last night, as I rode the subway, I left one of the Revelation pamphlets on the empty seat next to me, without thinking much about it. I do it routinely, generally people either sit on it, or brush it to the floor without even giving it a cursory glance. Religious tracts are the refuge of the terminally bored.

But, last night – success!

Around Bathurst a young woman sat down next to me, scooping up the daily freebie along with Revelation. First she flipped through the freebie for a minute or so, holding onto the tract, and then dropped the daily and began to read Revelation. I was pretending to read my book, but in reality I was completely absorbed in watching what might happen next. Given the subject matter, it was likely that more than 60% of people would get no further than the second page, and possibly not even read that far. She, however, flipped to the second page and continued reading. She passed the part about the porno theatre and the meat-beaters, passed the bush bursting into flames.

At this point I was giddy – if she made it past all that she may actually read the whole thing.

She continued on through the Eris dialogue, and onto the last page. When she finished she looked back at the first page, then the last page, and opened up to the middle. After that she folded open the pamphlet to see what was inside. Answer: nothing.

Next, she held onto the tract and fidgeted with her fingers for a bit. Yes, I was sitting next to her so I got a good look at everything she did.

After a couple minutes she picked the daily back up, and flipped through it again, while STILL holding onto the tract.

Here’s the best part – she got off at Yonge, like me, but just before she folded the tract in half, and slipped it into her backpack. She kept it.

That, my brothers and sisters, is success.

Oh, and if the young woman happens to be reading this: HI!

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

3 Responses to “Success!”

  1. drjon Says:

    Heya, what was the pamphlet you left? Is it kicking around on the net?

  2. Baron von Hoopla Says:

    Yes, it has gone under several titles since I originally wrote it, starting with “A Revelation!”, “The Gospel According To Baron Von Hoopla”, but is now titled simply “A Burning Bush”.

    It can be found most easily here.

  3. drjon Says:

    Oh ta.

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