All Work And No Play . . .

Over the weekend I had been worrying about the campaigns for promoting wonder, humour and wackiness in Hogtown . . . it was frustrating me that it had been put off, but it was also frustrating me that I didn’t feel I was planning enough . . . people’s ‘roles’ seemed vague for the most part, there seemed to still be confusion as to what order everything was going to happen, or whether a run-through was going to be possible . . . I was beginning to wonder if it would happen at all, and if it did, whether it would be a disaster.

As I lounged pondering these thoughts, a large shiny cockroach tittered (is tittered a word?) tittered across the top of the table toward me, and stopped. It’s antennae swayed in the nonexistent breeze as it studied me, and I, in return, studied it.

A resonating basso profundo voice was suddenly filling the space between my ears. I AM GULIK the voice said . . . I COME TO YOU WITH A MESSAGE FROM THE GODDESS.

“Oh?” I asked, sitting up a little straighter, which is difficult, when lounging in a beanbag chair. “And, what, pray, is the message?” I asked.

The roach tittered (I’m going with it, so there) closer to me, and cocked its head as pretty much only cockroaches in the insect world can do, and said, “STOP BEING SUCH A FUCKING GREYFACE!” and then scampered off the same way it had come.

I considered finding a shoe to stomp it with before it ran into a crack in the wall, out of run-of-the-mill human irritation, but realized that the insect was, in fact, correct – I was being a greyface. I had got so caught up in the planning of the campaign for wonder and fun that I had forgotten that it was intended to inspire wonder and fun for us, too. Why force something like this into work? Isn’t there enough work in the world already? Couldn’t there be more play?

In that mindset I have decided not to worry about it anymore. We are Discordians, after all, not activists.

Some words from the poet Lu Yu:

the clouds above us join and separate,
the breeze in the courtyard leaves and returns.
life is like that, so why not relax?
who can stop us from celebrating?

Hail Eris!

2 Responses to “All Work And No Play . . .”

  1. Robert Says:

    yeah, i really dont see how the gig can “fail”…gonna be fun however it goes, innit?

  2. Baron von Hoopla Says:

    I’m almost hoping it does go “bad” . . .it could be more fun. AND, a learning experience.

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