Starting Work On The Gospels

So I am preparing tonight to begin writing the Gospels of Baron von Hoopla tomorrow night, which will hopefully be a humourous journey through Discordianism at the very least.

My working title right now is “The Book Of Fnord”, but we’ll see if it stays that way . . . who knows, someone might have used that title already. I should go google it.

Anyway, the beginning will be what is alternately known as “The Gospel According to Baron von Hoopla”, “A Revelation”, “The Revelation of Baron von Hoopla” and “The Burning Bush” . . . why have only one title?

Beyond that opening I don’t want to give too much away. Fnord. More updates soon.

Hail Eris!

*****EDIT: The book eventually was titled “The Wise Book Of Baloney”, and can be found here

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