The Four Circuits Of Humour

Eris revealed to me the beginnings of humour, and asked me to express them in a blog that nobody reads. How could I not comply?

So, this is the origins of humour, as told to me by Eris Nancy Discordia, goddess of Chaos, and the four circuits it can most easily be divided into. It should be mentioned that any of these circuits can overlap at any point, these are just a breakdown of the largest concepts.

1- Slapstick Humour
The first circuit of humour shown by the upright hairless apes was Slapstick Humour. One ape was walking toward a pond of muddy water, got their foot caught by a root, and tripped, face first into the slop. After a moment of taking the scene in, all the other upright hairless apes began hee-hawing without knowing why. For some reason the pain and misfortune of the fallen ape stirred something new in the upright hairless apes. It made them feel good.

2-Toilet Humour
The second circuit of humour shown by the upright hairless apes was of Toilet Humour. The largest ape was bullying the smaller apes around, grunting orders and gesticulating wildly to make his point. As he picked up the smallest ape, and tossed him in the direction he wanted him to move, the smallest ape let out a large, long, fart of defiance. Another pause, and then the apes began to hee-haw again. The large ape turned in anger and was going to attack the smaller ape when he was struck in the face with a large turd. The hee-hawing grew louder, and out of shame the large ape wandered away for good.

3-Satirical Humour
The third circuit of humour appeared just before speech developed. A new large ape had been bullying the smaller apes around, and behind his back a tall ape was mimicking the large ape’s distinctive facial movements and posture. He grunted, and scratched, and pouted and mugged mercilessly. It took the other apes a few moments to realize what the tall ape was attempting to portray, but once it sunk through, the hee-hawing began anew. The first form of political humour.

4-Intellectual Humour
The final circuit developed when speech became available. The first conversations were dry and humourless, amounting to little more than “Animal, there.” or “Me hungry” or the always popular “Me So Horny”, but the fourth circuit popped into circulation with the invention of the first limerick, which went like this: “There once was a girl named Zee, who was raped by that ape up the tree. The result was most horrid, all ass and no forehead, three balls and an ill-groomed goatee”. This was the first form of verbal humour, but also -possibly- the first philosophical musings of humanity’s origins. This was a large step beyond stubbing toes, farts, and imitations, this was the beginning of the critique on society that humour has become.

If you have any objections, please post a comment, and I will pass it on to Eris the next time she invades my Pineal Gland.

Hail Eris.

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  1. anna postlewaite Says:

    nice one

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