23 Ways To Live Your Life

As told to me, by Dharma Jam:

1 Wake then bake. Wash, rinse, repeat
2 Wearing muumuu’s brings you closer to Mummu
3 Be gay & merry. Not literally homo gay, unless that’s your bag, in which case be homo gay.
4 Cd’s and mp3’s may sound cleaner, but vinyl has S-O-U-L
5 Once a year everyone should go camping. Become one with nature and one with a bottle(s) of beer.
6 Take note: pigeons are robots. Watch what you say.
7 Pigeons can’t be the only robots. Ponder that.
8 Who deserves gifts more than you?
9 If you don’t own a quality pair of headphones, remedy that
10 The giraffe is proof that mother nature has a sense of humor. No?
Well then, what about the duck-billed Platypus? Dude – it’s poisonous. Booya!
11 If everyone in the world took ecstasy today, war would end tomorrow. BUT imagine the crash the day after that.
12 Xylophones and marimbas are highly under used, and under appreciated.
13 Macrame plant-holders bring peace.
14 Why should socks be only black or white?
15 Neck poking is fun. Nobody expects it, and it gets quit a reaction.
Wet willies are juvenile; neck poking is the way of the future.
16 Why not make your world corduroy?
17 Never socialize with any chump with the initials K.K.
18 If you wear ponchos, stop. If you don’t wear ponchos, start. Whatever you are currently doing is wrong.
19 It’s called picking up a book bozo. Expanding your mind doesn’t start tomorrow.
20 All bamboo furniture should be burned. Mmmm . . . roasted marshmallows.
21 Every well-rounded person should be able to twist a balloon doggie.
22 Statistically, there is a possibility that a single trampoline jump could take you all the way to the moon.
23 2 + 3 = 6

One Response to “23 Ways To Live Your Life”

  1. Oscypek Says:

    Pigeons can’t be the only robots, it’s true. But I think robots are great…where does that leave me?

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