Baron Von Hoopla Cereal!

Coming to a store near you soon, Baron von Hoopla cereal! Made from only the finest refused wheat, corn, oats and whatever else cereals are usually made from. Kid tested, Canine approved. Packed with so much sugar it could give a Wildebeast diabetes, and filled with so much MSG your kids will be screaming, crying, kicking and scratching for more within seconds of their last bite.

Stays crunchy in milk, your lower intestines, and your stool.

“It’s Good – I think!”

3 Responses to “Baron Von Hoopla Cereal!”

  1. Oscypek Says:

    Oh my gawd that is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time! I love the illustration!


  2. Jinny S Says:


    Makes me wish more people created their own cereals.

  3. Oscypek Says:

    I think it contains 23 essential nutrients from the 5 major food groups…


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