Moving To China . . .

FACT: When Eris and Dionysus get together – all hell breaks loose. READ ON!

The “Wild Dancing Party” recently landed on China’s flag construction — the Great Wall. However, while party animals from both home and abroad celebrated with glee, the senior wall was wailing.

Following an overnight spree gala at the Beijing-Hebei border section of the Jinlingshan Great Wall on July 30, the oriental epitome of ancient Chinese civilization was left in a chaotic mess.

Empty alcohol bottles and various rubbishes were scattered about, silently protesting against the past hilarity. Permeating in the air, the strong smell of excreta left by partygoers would likely make one feel sick.

One witness of the Great Wall orgy later said the July 30 party was the 8th of the annually held party, which soon caught on among domestic and overseas party animals.

The party, which usually leads a whole night through on the Great Wall, has welcomed thousands of people every year in Beijing’s cool summer night.

Regarded as China’s great national symbol, the Great Wall, under careful protection by the government, is cherished in the hearts of Chinese people. The improper carnival that seriously harmed the Wall has stirred strong critics among the general public.

“How dare they tramp brazenly on the national pride and spirit by injuring our Great Wall?” asked an angry netizen in a note left after the news.

On the other hand, those party lovers, as well, have their say, “We just want a happy hour and never intend to harm the Wall.” said a young girl who took part in the party.

A heated community response has caught the attention of the Chinese Great Wall Association (CGWA), in charge of the Wall protection. The CGWA general Secretary Dong Yaohui showed deep concern over the matter, saying, “It is really provoking. The visits of the Wall out of respect and appreciation are welcomed, but this kind of damaging carnival, never.”

“The Jinlingshan section of the Wall bordering Hebei Province has long been the heart of trouble. We are urging a relative law on the Wall protection to be issued to tackle this kind of problem under a legal frame.” added Dong.

Echoed by Dong’s remark, a recent report similarly made people again frown upon the news that open-air barbeque business is prosperous on the Great Wall, to be specific, the Jinlingshan section of the Wall.

When asked about the matter, Dong said, “All ‘evil’ arises from money grabbing.”

The management right of Jinling section of Great Wall has been leased to a Hebei commercial corporation since 1997 by the local government at a sum of six million Yuan (US$740,000) on a 50 year term. Since then various activities have been planned on the Wall, including even the orgy and barbeque.

According to Dong, the Jinling Wall located in Hebei Province, is managed by the Hebei Government. So far only the Beijing municipal authority has barred any profit-oriented commercial use of the Wall in the form of a law. The Jinling Wall is not protected within the cover of the law released in 2003.

Counting 50 years from 1997 the lease contract will expire in the distant year of 2047. Can the Wall stand up to “naughty deeds” by people that long?


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