Advanced Mimicry

There are hundreds of examples of low mimicry, whether it be bugs which look like leaves and owl eyes, or insects which resemble twigs and sticks – beyond insects mimicking nature there are many examples of insects mimicking other insects. Then, of course there are the markings on immature mammals around the world, such as the spots on lions or deer.

Mimicry is out there. It’s been documented.

If these lower forms of mimicry exist, what makes us believe higher forms do not exist? Forms that we cannot perceive, because of the complexity involved? Are we so arrogant as to believe that nothing in the universe could possibly fool our superior ape brains?

Why are you so sure that the discarded condom on the sidewalk is really a condom? Did you pick it up to inspect it? Did you run a full examination on it? What about other refuse on the streets? What about stray animals? What about other people?

How can we prove we’re alone?

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