How can you be aware of anything, if you aren’t fully aware of yourself?

People believe that they know themselves, but for the most part do not. Believing that they know themselves already, most people never think about getting to know themselves. How are you sitting right now? If a photograph were taken of you surreptitiously right now, what would the photograph tell people about you?

(And why are you so sure a photograph ISN’T being taken of you surreptitiously?)

To become aware, start by becoming aware of everything about you, down to the smallest detail. When you aren’t paying attention, do you shuffle your feet? Do you chew your lips? Or your nails? Twirl your hair? Lick your lips?


Do you even know? If you didn’t move consciously, who is in control of you? Become aware of these movements.

Do you like funny movies? If so, why?

Do you like foreign foods? If not, why?

When you become aware of yourself fully you will begin to become aware of what is around you more fully. When you become more fully aware of what is going on around you it will all start to come together.

‘Know thyself’ is more than just a catch-phrase.

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