To Bee, Or Not To Bee

Specialization is for insects. You are not a worker, you are not a drone. You can do more than place prong A in slot B.

You are not a ‘consumer’, you are a person. You are also not a ‘tax-payer’, you are a person.

If your job is keeping you awake at night THERE IS A PROBLEM.

Work to live, not the other way around. Insects live to work.

YOU are NOT an insect – are you?

One Response to “To Bee, Or Not To Bee”

  1. Apostasia Gloriana, Keeper of the Weee Says:

    I can’t tell you how much I agree with this but you probably already know that.

    It’s so easy to get dragged into thinking of yourself in those terms though. It’s a disease to be sure. I keep wondering, why do we let ourselves be categorized as “consumers” or “tax payers” by people who know nothing about us.

    As you know I’m looking for a way out of a set up where I live to work. For now I keep taking small steps to ensure my life outside of work is more interesting and fuller than my life at work. It’s not easy to make a complete turnaround but I think I will get there eventually, otherwise what’s life going to be worth?

    Anyway, it’s encouraging to have you/your thinking to lean on in the midst of the battle.


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