It Took This Long?

Man Sues Employer For Hours Worked Sleeping
(Toronto Moon)
Updated: 2006-04-12 09:36

In a case being called the first of it’s kind by legal experts, a design firm employee, has sued his employer for time spent dreaming about work. Ruben Valetta, 33, who works as a graphic designer has sued Toronto-based Raw Silk Design, for the hours he has worked in his dreams—a case of work-life balance gone awry, he claims.

Filing a suit with the Ontario Court of Justice, Valetta and his representation are asking to be awarded the same hourly wage he receives in his actual job.

“I work all day for these people, then come home and dream about the job all night, why shouldn’t I be paid for those (hours) too?” Valetta told the Toronto Moon.

Attorney Apollo Devinia claims the suit has no grounds: “Mr. Valetta will first of all need to prove he dreams about his work, and if that could be proven he would need a record of exactly how many hours he works every night. It is my understanding that dreams are usually quite short in duration.”

This is the first time an employee has attempted to receive compensation for time spent working in a dream state

Raw Silk Design declined to comment on the suit.

3 Responses to “It Took This Long?”

  1. Robert Says:

    legally feasible or not, i admire his spirit and all-round chutzpah


  2. Anonymous Says:

    This should totally be a class action suit! I’d love to find this guy and join in!

  3. Antony Says:

    Love it!

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