Beware Of False Discordians

Yes, there is such a thing.

In much the same way that there are many, many, many people in the world who believe that they are “Christian” when, in actuality, their morals and values are vastly out of whack with what Jesus preached in the plagiarized sermon on the mount, there are also many people who believe they are “Discordian” and sew strife amongst others while completely disregarding what Greg Hill and Kerry Thornley proposed.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe the words of Hill and Thornley should be taken as dogma, or should even be taken as gospel – far from it, I personally disregard much of what they preach. But I ask you: if you consider EVERYTHING the two wrote to be completely worthless bullshit (as opposed to worthwhile bullshit), then why even place yourself in the same category?

The simple answer, of course, of course, is that these people noticed the word “discord” in the title Discordian, and it lit a light-bulb above their heads; they ran off to find the nearest dictionary and read the words which sent their heart racing:


n 1: lack of agreement or harmony [syn: strife] 2: disagreement among those expected to cooperate [syn: dissension]

Finally! Finally an organization which would, not only grant them permission to act on all the ludicrously antisocial ideas they had dreamed about, but would ENCOURAGE them! They could bully, condescend, verbally abuse, and mock, all safely hidden under the helpful umbrella of “discordianism”. The problem is, we already have a term for those types: Sociopath.

Yes, Discordianism is about individuality, and about creating your own concept of the idea of Discordianism, but its central idea is a philosophy of personal growth and enlightenment; if you are completely living your life disparaging others, and doing nothing else, you are simply wasting your time. That side of ‘discordianism’ is already taken care of, and does fine by itself, remember: Entropy needs no maintenance.

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