Looking Deeper Into The Sacred Chao

The Sacred Chao represents everything in the Universe, of course. On one side we have a representation of a Pentagon which represents ORDER, and on the other side there is a representation of the Apple of Eris, which represents DISORDER. Neither is “true” and neither dominates: Elementary Discordianism.

But, like all things, the Sacred Chao reveals even more upon deeper reflection . . .

The Hairless Ape mind has two components: The Pental, and the Pomal.

PENTAL: The Pental is very observant, very quick, and likes to compartmentalize everything it witnesses; the Pental is also extremely arrogant. The Pental isn’t usually aware of the Pomal, and when it is aware of its existence is very jealous and manipulative. The Pental believes itself to be the entire universe, and in a sense it is correct. The Pental IS the entire universe, at least for each of us. Everything I see is part of the Pental, everything I think about is part of the Pental, and my Pental tells me how to see and think about things. When I look at a “tree” I only “know” it is a “tree” because my Pental tells me. The Pental would have you believe that it is the only thing which exists.

POMAL: On the other hand, the Pomal has none of those qualities, in fact, to even attempt to describe the Pomal is doing it a grave disservice . . . any description or definition I gave would only be my Pental’s idea of the Pomal anyway, and would therefor be useless. The closest I will come to pinning anything on the Pomal would be to compare it with the “Tao” . . . but even that is off. The Pomal is the Pomal, and thats really all there is to say about it. Don’t let the lack of a definition trick you into believing the Pomal is lesser than the Pental however, that’s just your Pental whispering to you. The Pomal rules dreams, intuition, synchronicity, tarot, the I-Ching, and magick – perhaps even quantum physics. Anytime the Pomal pops itself into your “normal world” the Pental will immediately pounce on it, and dominate it, to show you that it is boss, in this way the Pental shows that its power is over everything, and at the same time saves itself from destruction (despite what it believes, the Pental is very fragile, and can be disrupted easily by extreme emotional jolts, heavy drugs, meditation and yoga). The Pomal’s influence on the world of the Pental is subtle, but profound.

Looking at the Sacred Chao again, with this in mind, will reveal that the image of the Chao also represents the Pental and the Pomal of the mind. The Pentagon -representing ORDER- also represents the Pental, which spreads its grid of knowledge over everything it sees and hears and simultaneously imposes its notion of “order” onto what is primal chaos in essence. The Apple of Eris -representing DISORDER- also represents the Pomal, and the vastly unnamable qualities it symbolizes.

The Sacred Chao, obviously, also represents everything else you can think of as well, from Bingo to Symphony Orchestras, but my Pental and Pomal felt like talking about themselves today.

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