Justified Agents Of Mummu Forum 2005-2006

It is with some sadness that I announce the demise of the Justified
Agents Of Mummu forum. Known as the “Funny Farm” to friends, and
“DoucheBag Central” to it’s enemies the Justified Agents Of Mummu
Forum curled up and died earlier this week.

For some time friends had noticed the forum becoming listless, and
depressed . . . sometimes not a single user would post for days, or
even weeks at a time. Sometimes the forum would post to itself,
something it had learned to do in its early days when it was young
and lonely. The creation of fake users was a cry out for help and
attention, but was ignored by almost all, including your faithful
Baron, who should have seen the warning signs for what they were:
warning signs.

The last time your faithful Baron logged onto the forum there had
been one new user added to the membership list, which cheered him
somewhat until he saw the forum chatting with the user and then
chatting back AS the user . . . he knew then that it was only a
matter of time.

I would like to take this opportunity to read the Forum’s favourite
poem from the television series “The Simpsons”:

“Don’t cry for me –
– I’m already dead.”

It certainly brings a tear to a glass eye, don’t it folks?

The Forum was just over a year old.

Anyone who would like to share a story about the Forum may do so in
the Comments section below.

Hail Eris.

11 Responses to “Justified Agents Of Mummu Forum 2005-2006”

  1. jools Says:

    i am too overcome with saddness to comment. it’s sad cause in the good times and the bad times, that board was always there for me.


  2. Apostasia Gloriana, Keeper of the Weee Says:

    Funny Farm I hardly knew ye.
    I think back fondly to the days when you were but a wee baby and the outlet you provided for the pent up blind rage and sicko jokes from the visiting high apes.
    Alas, it is as all things go.
    To quote Rosencratz and Guilderstern Are Dead–for all the points of the compass, theres only one direction. And time is its only measure.


    NO!! NO!!



    whrrrrrrrrrrr… wrrrrrrrrrrrr…



    ffzzzzzzlllll zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzffffftttssskkkkrrrrr

  4. Ghap Says:

    I tried to post to the forum a couple of weeks ago… I tried signing up as a user but it required authorization, which I of course never got. I’m interested in Discordian events in the Toronto area… it appears like this isn’t happening. Too bad.

    Your website is down, now your forum is down. Is the group officially dead now?

  5. Baron von Hoopla Says:

    Go to my profile, and send me an email, I will let you know what is going on.

    Sorry about that, as I said the forum wasn’t itself toward the end.


  6. Count YooHoo Says:

    It is a sad day in the Land Of Eris.

    Boo and Hoo and Hoo.

  7. Ramses Colossus Says:

    Poor Hoopla . . .

    Someday the innernets will miss your Forum. And perhaps, someday, so will the population.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    If you’d like a sub forum on poee to kick it out, ’tis no problemo Baron. 😦


  9. Baron von Hoopla Says:

    Thanks Syn,

    I’ll let you know if that becomes necessary, right now, not so much. That forum didn’t commit suice for nothing.

  10. Anonymous Says:


    I am one of the last to have signed onto the justified agents of mummu, (23-skidoo) was my user name

    I still want to meet up with the toronto discordians, *REAL ONES

    I think i can be of service to fuckup and I am determined to make sure it keeps going

    ERIS doesent stop for dead forums and netiehr will I

    if you are still fighting the good fight let us join forces

    if not then well i hope it doesent come to that FNORD

    her apple corps is strong….i hope in toronto its the same case


  11. Baron von Hoopla Says:

    23 Skidoo:

    Go to my Blogger profile,and click on the email option, then send me an email – we can chat.

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