Don’t Sit On The Grass!

This afternoon I witnessed one of Hogtown’s “police officers” kicking a homeless man off of some grass.

The grass in question was next to a church, but he was sitting beyond the iron fencing, near the sidewalk. I had walked by this gentleman a little earlier, and he said not a peep to me as I walked by. Granted, the Baron doesn’t walk down the streets in the middle of July in spats and a top hat, but he has been known to be asked for donations from the homeless on occasion.

The “officer” kicked the homeless man off of the grass, and actually seemed to berate him as he walked away. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, so it’s fully possible I was projecting my disgust of the situation onto him, but whatever he was conveying was said rather loudly, harshly, and with a decidedly sour expression on his mug.

Apparently, those without homes can’t sit on the grass.

Isn’t it lovely chums, that we live within the imaginary borders of such a open-minded “free” country?

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