Invocation To Eris

Homage to thee, O Eris, at thy beautiful kaos. Thou twirlest like a dervish, thou twirlest like a top, thou twirlest like a Ferris Wheel which never will stop. O thou Only One, O thou Petty One, O thou who art Bitter, yet also Sweet. Of all that is Sweet, of all that is Bitter, thou hast domination over all. Hail Eris! All hail Discordia! Hail Kaos! Hail Babalon! Hail the Great Mother who birthed us all! Hail the Great Whore who barfed us all! O divine madness, self-created, self-anointed, self-serve, thou art Goddess of Heaven, Earth, and New Jersey, thou did create beings celestial and terrestrial. Live thou in me, and I in thee, O thou Golden Apple of the Sun!

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