Hope For The Future

Envy, Harpo:48, 6006 YD

Yesterday, when I was grabbing some lunch (a hotdog! WITH bun!) A perfect stranger noticed my book and began to talk to me about it, his name was Mike and he brought up the film “What The BLEEP Do We Know?” and asked if I had seen it, I responded that I had and we discussed how sad it was that more people aren’t interested in flexing the brain with material like that more often . . . I personally thought “What The BLEEP” had some major flaws, but the fact that movies like that even exist gives me hope.

It’s much like seeing people reading The Da Vinvi Code on the streetcar . . . I think the book is lame, but it makes me happy that something with that kind of subject matter can become so popular – perhaps we are making steps forward.

And, as further evidence of hope I came across one person on the pagan site I had been frequenting who seemed to have a mind of their own, and not only that but an OPEN mind.

So, if you are reading this by some chance Twinkle, or Mike, I thank you for renewing my hope, the last kakodaimone Eris gave birth to.

One Response to “Hope For The Future”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks BVH.

    It was a pleasure to speak to you as well.


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