A Seinfeldian Moment

Gluttony, Harpo:49, 6006 YD

I had a rather Seinfeldian moment yesterday afternoon when I was in the coffee break room of the Head Temple of the Esoteric Order Of Eris with Dharma Jam. I was laughing about the paranoia now running rampant on a certain pagan message board I had been spending time on recently, and telling her how they had deleted an alt I had created (based on the Pumpkinite who attempted to abduct Count YooHoo in the summer) despite the fact that they had no evidence it was actually me.

“Can you image the nerve of banning someone because they thought it was me, but with no evidence?” I laughed.

“But, it IS you.” she stated, as she finished a crossword with one hand. In ink.

“Yes,” I said. “but, they don’t KNOW that. It’s really nervy. I’m going to have Faux Sloatman write a letter of outrage.”

“But,” she said again. “It IS YOU.”

I smiled. “I’m all types of people.”

10 Responses to “A Seinfeldian Moment”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, we DID know it was you.

    Nice try though.

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Had no idea it was you.

  3. Baron von Hoopla Says:



    You couldn’t find your ass with both hands, a flashlight and map.


    I’m FULL of surprises!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    So who the hell are you, anyway?

    Please don’t tell me I enjoyed having a conversation with an alt.

    Oh, the humanity!


  5. Baron von Hoopla Says:

    If you enjoyed conversing with Faux Sloatman on the message board, you were enjoying conversing with an alt.

    If you enjoyed conversing with me, on the other hand, then you just enjoyed conversing with me.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Good. It was just you, then. 🙂

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Your thread was re-opened by Mol and placed in the Discordian/Subgenii/Taco section under Paths.

    It’s a shame that you are banned.

    Is it permanent?

  8. Baron von Hoopla Says:

    Re-opened! Good goddess!

    Are enlightened minds winning after all?

    I believe I am permanently banned for mocking Sword’s “ADMIN MODE”, yes.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    They are out there after all.


  10. Baron von Hoopla Says:

    Keep in mind, I didn’t invent Faux Sloatman – I just impersonated her on Mystic Wicks.

    Sadly, she (and they) are all too real.

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