Official Illuminati Correspondence?

Pride, Harpo:52, 6006 YD

To Hoopla:


We have been monitoring your weblog for a long period of time, and feel it necessary to let you know that whomever is conversing with you under the moniker of the Illuminati is lying to you. There is only one Illuminati. There is nobody in our ranks with the name Ramses Colossus. So, unless you are writing the letters yourself you are being lied to.

The New World Order is a reality. It is being implemented slowly as I type this.

9/11 was just the first obvious step, there were several trials in the past which were successful.

Humanity has become much more ‘cabbagized’ than any of you ‘discordians’ even realize. Television was introduced to the public when it was realized how easily it induced a trance-state. The population of the world is being beamed the plans for our future one-world government at all times, in all programs.

Flying saucers are just the beginning.

Look to the stars.

Look to the rising sun.

We are everywhere.

Pay no attention to correspondences from others claiming to be the Illuminated Seers.

Pay very close attention to everything.


3 Responses to “Official Illuminati Correspondence?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ramses Colosus a liar? Who can you trust?

  2. Baron von Hoopla Says:

    What have I been telling you?


    I’m awaiting response from Ramses as this is typed.

  3. Episkopos Cain Says:

    Both are liars.

    The Illuminati went bankrupt in 1992 and sold its remaining assets (property, people, occult) off to several lesser conspiracies. Well known fact, ask around.

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