Retroactive St. Frank’s Day

Pride, Harpo:59, 6006 YD

Last Day of Greed (the 53rd) I was in a movie theatre being rained on, shouted past, pelted by rice and playing cards – but it wasn’t until I was struck in the temple with some rather stale toast that it hit me. “It” was the realization that Dr. Frank N. Furter, hero (or villain, depending on your politics) of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is not only a classic example of a Discordian Saint, but as far as I can remember he is also the only discordian saint who was martyred for his beliefs.

St. Frank went as far as moving to a different planet to attempt to bring his fantasies to life, to mold reality into what he believed it should be, rather than what it simply could be. Is there a concept more stunningly Erisian than “Don’t dream it – be it”?

After almost a week’s deliberation the jester has decided to title that day -the day that most people refer to as Halloween- Harpo:53 as St. Frank’s Day.

Hail Eris.

One Response to “Retroactive St. Frank’s Day”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “A mental mind fuck can be nice.”

    All Hail Saint Frank!

    While we are at it I think the fictional Frank Costanza is also deserving of Discordian Sainthood, if only for inventing Festivus and introducing the world to the only mantra that delivers instant zen
    AND instant insanity–Serenity Now! I’m also quite fond of the alternate mantra of “Hoochie Mama!” (even though Frank didn’t technically come up with either he made the memorable.) I nominate Saint Frank Costanza to the Discordian Sainthood.

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