The Bizarre Denver Airport

Gluttony, Chico:11, 6006 YD

“Travelers are in for a uniquely Colorado experience when they pass through Denver International Airport. The works of art that grace the airport create a journey through our state’s history and diversity. Like all successful public art, the program at DIA exemplifies an expression of ourselves and provides an opportunity to educate others” – Mayor Wellington B. Webb

“What in God’s name is that all about? Man, that’s sick!” – Doug McGivens of Glen Burnie, MD. while looking at the mural

“Ah, terrific…I don’t need this right now. What a horrible thing to have up for people to have to look at!” – Karen D. from Broomfield, CO after her 8-year old daughter got upset at seeing the mural

find out more high strangeness . . .

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