Disappearance Day

Greed, Chico:15, 6006 YD

The fifteenth day of Chico is Disappearance Day, in memory of the many disappearances recorded on this date. First in the records of the E.’.E.’. is the disappearance of the 14 members of the crew of the Mary Celeste, which was found floating abandoned on the fifteenth of Chico 5872 YD; regular readers of ‘Hoopla!’ won’t need to be reminded that 14 easily adds up to that magic five, natch. While the disappearance went largely unanswered to the public it is a matter of record here in the halls of the E.’.E.’. that the crew simultaneously reached Samedi, then moved out of this reality on a higher vibration of consciousness – I’m still uncertain as to what exactly would constitute a vibration of consciousness, but life is a journey, not a destination, I have time to figure it out.

Also on this date, but in the year of 5945: five -yes, five- TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers stationed in Fort Lauderdale Florida vanished from the skies in perfect flying weather in the area more commonly known today as the Bermuda Triangle. The Martin Mariner PBM flying boat which went out to investigate also disappeared. No mention in my files as to whether or not any forms of illumination transpired on these occasions. The Baron will look more deeply into the matter and report back at a later date.

Not quite confirmed, but Ramses Colossus of the Illuminati confided in the Baron on the weekend that the fifteenth of Chico is also when Ambrose Bierce vanished in the Mexico desert in 5913. This may or may not be true, but readers of ‘Hoopla’ would be wise to take anything Mr. Colossus says with something akin to a salt lick.

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