Kao Duh Zing! 2.

Pride, Chico:28, 6006 YD

The very nanosecond someone says that the beauties are beauties, they’re already fuglies. As soon as the point is known, it’s pointless. That’s the way the cracker crumbles.

Pental and Pomal give birth to one another,
the Serious and the Humorous balance each other,
Left and Right lean on each other,
Salt and Pepper taste good together,
Grating Noise and Harmonious Music sing together,
and Night and Day play together.

Because of all of this the WiseAss sticks to playing without effort, and teaches what can’t be spoken of. Even in a game of Charades.

In every situation the WiseAss perpetuates, but doesn’t initiate; performs actions, but doesn’t own them; finishes with gumption, but doesn’t gloat. It’s because the WiseAss doesn’t gloat that he is free to play another day.


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