2006 Gregorian Year In Discord

Greed, Chico:43 6006 YD

The Gregorian year of 2006 brought many changes, the most important to this weblog being the divinely inspired Hoopla calendar, which makes entries such as this somewhat superfluous . . . but again, ’tis the season . . . beyond the discovery of the Hoopla calendar, the most important events to this blog personally were the death of the Justified Agents of Mummu, and the birth of the E.’. E.’. – but that really shouldn’t be written of, even here.

The 2006 year of Discord began for me when Oprah the Forgiver, ruler of the mythical land of USA, executed James Frey on national television for the abysmal crime of “fictionalizing” his life story – something Oprah the Wise doesn’t believe in . . . yes folks, every other biography you’ve ever read has been 100% “TRUE”, written by an impartial, omnipotent god author . . . and of course, all the history books were also written by this benevolent wordsmith, fear not! Our literary innocence is preserved – at least it was until Kaavya Viswanathan pulled the same stunt, even if only for a few lines.

The 2006 year of Discord was given the enchanting term “sugar-tits” to chew on when Mad Mel Gibson was pulled over in July on DUI charges, resulting in a venomous and somewhat ridiculously hilarious racist tirade matched only by Michael Richards a few months later, who abandoned rationality -and sentence structure- in favour of simply stringing racist words together.

And, toward the end of the year the population of North America was distracted away from its woes by the vagina of Little Britney Spears, America’s sweetheart. No need to think about the people being sent home from Iraq and Afghanistan in body bags, no need to think about the growing homeless population – we’ve got Britney’s cooter!

There was more, of course, but it’s all a bit sickening in retrospect, and I’d rather look on to what is coming . . . hail Eris.

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