What Is Chaosophy?

Greed, Chico:64, 6006 YD

Chaosophy is the philosophy of taking ideas from other philosophies and applying it ways that are usefull,and tossing away the junk.

Chaosophy is a very personal philosophy,it is using whatever is available in dealing with Chaos in a day to day fashion.

To a Chaosopher the main question isn’t “WHY ARE WE HERE?”

The Question should be “O.k., I’M HERE,NOW WHAT?

How you deal with the day to day drama.
How you deal with the setbacks and triumphs of the day it’s all.
How you get the most out of life.
How you avoid disasterous decisions.
How you manage to deal with adversity, with change, with discord, with confusion, with strife, with CHAOS, should be what chaosophy is about.

To me that is what chaosophy is all about.

Dealing with the Chaos.

-Vincent Verthaine, Church of Eris


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