The Dreadlock Recollections

Greed, Groucho:12, 6006 YD

The never before published autobiography of Kerry Wendell Thornley (co-founder of modern Discordianism) is finally available to all, both WiseAsses and Cabbages alike . . . officially known as “The Dreadlock Recollections”, but known as “Issue 17” of Trevor Blake’s OVO ‘zine to friends, the book reads as a chilling confession to murderous mind control and a knowing satire of the paranoid mind.

**EDIT** Episkopos Cain pointed out that this is the better link to go to, as it is the more recent version. Thanks, Cain.

5 Responses to “The Dreadlock Recollections”

  1. Episkopos Cain Says:

    Um, may want to check out Sondra London’s site for the edited version Kerry Thornley approved of, too.

  2. Baron von Hoopla Says:

    The thing I keep thinking about is: we really only have Sondra London’s word that Thornley approved any of this, don’t we?

  3. Episkopos Cain Says:

    Yeah. As I understand it, he approved what he had seen so far, but it was not completed until after his death. Either way, having both to contrast and compare is hardly going to hurt.

  4. Baron von Hoopla Says:


  5. Trevor Blake Says:

    Thanks for mentioning OVO 17 / The Dreadlock Recollections! When Kerry and I were pen pals I thought that TDR wasn’t really a book at all, just a book eternally in progress. Kerry would send me page after page of original manuscript from the book, or a typed page or two, but never the whole thing. I was very pleased when Sondra got the whole book and put it online. What I published takes what Sondra published and adds in the material that I and I alone have copies of. I have pieces of TDR from as early as 1983, so depending on when he and Sondra met mine might be the ‘earlier’ edition. Sondra has been a pen pal for a long time as well (I wrote a blurb for the back of her first book) and I’ve never known her to pull a fast one. If she says Kerry approved of what he saw I’m sure he did. Sondra hadn’t had that book online for years but reposted it after I published it. Hers is copyright Sondra London, mine is entered into the public domain (with the permission of the copyright holder, Sondra London, and the permission of Kerry via the earlier manuscript versions I have). I kept hundreds of pages of Kerry’s letters and etc., and will likely pass them over to Johnny Brainwash to publish over time.

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