Hungry Freaks, Daddy!

Greed, Groucho:33, 6006 YD

This is an interview with Zappa, conducted by Grace Slick (sometime in the early 80’s, judging by Grace’s hair in contrast with Z’s hair) and is truly a bizarre experience. Zappy is such a crusty mofo here, I love it. And, any interview which contains the question: “If I suddenly had to throw up, or something, and I left the room, would you stay here and do jokes, or would you leave too?” has my personal seal of approval. Watch the video to find out the answer.

PS: The quality is crap. Enjoy!


One Response to “Hungry Freaks, Daddy!”

  1. Felix Faustus Nothus Says:

    I’ve got a blog with the man on it as well ^_^.
    seriously though, who ARE the brain police?

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