Principia Discordia Released In Hardback

Pride, Groucho:39, 6006 YD

ooOOooooOOOO shiny!

That’s right folks. The POEE | UK Resource Centre and our publishing sub-sect Synaptyclypse Generator have finally got our finger out of our asses and published the damned thing.

Here we are in 2007 (or YOLD 3173), (or 6006 YD – Ed.), forty-eight, or forty-nine years after Mal2 and Omar’s Discordian revelations at the hands of the Goddess Eris. Synaptyclypse Generator is proud to present this special edition of the legendary counter-culture classic, the bible of Discordianism. We have spared no cabbage-power in preparing this wonderful hardback edition for your enjoyment and enlightenment. Illuminet disappeared, Loompanics have closed their doors and Ronin have released a mashed up paperback edition. We at Synaptyclypse Generator decided that this wasn’t good enough. We wanted our Principia. The real Principia. And what’s more, we wanted something special, we wanted it in hardback! Principia Discordia has been republished a number of times over the years, but not since 1976 has it been available to the general public in hardback format. So we took it upon ourselves to produce this edition. We have done the best we could have hoped to ensure a quality and cherishable version of Principia Discordia and hope you fall in love with the Principia Discordia all over again, just as we have.

For this edition, we have included Kerry W. Thornley’s introduction to the 1991 Illuminet Press edition and Robert Anton Wilson’s Loompanics Unlimited introduction. We include all the material from the last Loompanics printing and any odd bits left over from the Illuminet version. We have closing ‘Outroductions’ by none other than the Rev.Dr Jon Swabey of Apocrypha Discordia fame and ‘crackpot historian,’ Adam Gorightly, author of The Prankster and the Conspiracy, The Story of Kerry Thornley and How He Met Oswald and Inspired the Counterculture. It also features the most sumptuously gorgeous cover that any edition has ever had.

-Rev. St. Synaptyx

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