1st Edition Principia Discordia

Greed, Groucho:68, 6006 YD

This is not really news, per se, it’s been around for about a year now . . . but I’ve never posted anything about it on here, so I thought I probably should. Discovered by our old friend Dr.Jon amongst items in the John F. Kennedy archives . . . it is a wonderful discovery, if only to see how a work progresses over time, the PD in this first edition is both familiar and strange . . . I thrilled to see the word “fuck” in its contents: I’m low-brow like that much of the time.

Anyway, without further adieu, here is the link: Principia Discordia, 1st Edition

3 Responses to “1st Edition Principia Discordia”

  1. drjon Says:

    Oh, cheers mate!

  2. Episkopos Cain Says:

    Isn’t it also downloadable at POEE? Not that Syn needs any more plugs from us, but I’m pretty certain I have a pdf version of that knocking about…


    That’s fully possible, I haven’t popped into POEE for a bit now . . .

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