Discordian T-shirt

Envy, Gummo:4, 6006 YD

I love this t-shirt. I stumbled across it on Flickr, and am seriously considering contacting the photographer to inquire where I could get one.

This image was originally posted on Flickr by heartbeaz. The original caption is reprinted below exactly as it was on Flickr.

“Das 23c3-T-Shirt von vorne, Aufschrift “23rd Chaos Communication Congress” und “Who can you trust?”, hinten ist nichts.”

3 Responses to “Discordian T-shirt”

  1. drjon Says:

    Tyrsalvia spoke at that conference, on Discordianism. There was a brief moment when I might have been going too, but…

    The shirts aren’t available at present, but keep an eye on http://www.ccc.de/


    Which conference was this?

  3. Karol Wojtyla Says:

    I really really want one of this!

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