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Reflections On Hoopladoodle

September 27, 2005

It’s strange how little of ourselves we often know.

Since starting Hoopladoodle a week or so ago I have begun to notice certain elements popping up again and again in various pieces of work I have done. Clearly these are images or concepts that have a hold of my imagination in some indefinable way.

Apes, apparently, feature heavily in the glue of my brain . . . particularly apes dressed as humans. That one I think I can understand . . . it’s simply about how easily we forget that we, in fact, are apes. And there are a lot of things we do that seem completely normal to us, but when you see a traditional ape doing the same thing it seems rather ludicrous. Why it should be ludicrous for a Chimp to smoke a cigar, and not for us is beyond me. Not that I don’t enjoy a nice cigar now and then, but I do it when it’s appropriate: in the shower.

Enormous lips seem to dominate my mind too . . . huge balloon lips. Not sure why that is, but I have a bizarre, filmy memory of a girl in Kindergarten who had large beautiful lips, and I remember staring at them constantly. The memory is of me reaching out and touching her lips, her not trying to stop me in any way. I’ve always assumed this was a real memory, but there are times now when I wonder if I dreamt it, and still remember it; either way, it’s irrelevant now . . . the memory is there, whether or not its ‘true’ or not. This may be part of the reason for this obsession with lips, but I can’t say for certain.

Kinky wild hair seems to trickle through many of the images too . . . This I think just goes with my love of smart degenerates. Kinky wild hair goes with the degenerate look . . . makes the person look like a raving lunatic, and a physics professor at the same time. At least, that’s what I think it’s about – who can say?

I’m sure more things will pop up in time . . . if so, I will report back in.

Until then, check out Hoopladoodle!