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Got A Beef With Discordians?

November 29, 2006

Lust, Chico:9, 6006 YD

I’ve been reading lately that some non-Discordians (as if there is such a thing) are finding some people who identify Discordian as ‘annoying’, ‘pompous’, ‘self-righteous’, and generally a huge pain in the ass. My initial response was “So?” . . . which created some sort of immediate connection in my mind. Suddenly, I had it! Eureka, as Archimedes might exclaim in just such a situation. I knew why some people are completely put off by Discordianism – its the same reason so many people loathe cats: We don’t give a shit what you think, and don’t try to hide it.

Like cats, Discordians will not be convinced of things simply because someone tells us so. Discordians do as they please, without fear of not being ‘included’. Discordians are not easy to bully, which, I believe, is a huge factor in their apparent unpopularity as well.

Granted, all these arguments could be made for people who don’t identify as Discordian, but the difference seems to be that your average Discordian (if such a thing can be fathomed) sees the double-edged sword for what it is, and dances along both its edges. Discordianism, for all its possible downfalls, is not a lazy path; every single Discordian I know works dilligently on ways to bring these concepts to cabbages in a way that can be somewhat easily digested.

People, generally speaking, aren’t used to concepts that actually incourage thinking on your own, so this concept frightens a lot of them in ways they probably aren’t ready to openly discuss; even with themselves. Most every other ideology, philosophy, or concept relies on you swallowing some form of dogma – and dogma kills not only creativity, but almost all forms of thinking. Discordianism is opposed to this concept, which is really about as close to dogma as you get in Discordianism, the rest is up to you. Free thinking, to many people, is closely assosiated with fringe-terrorisism and anarchy. Individual thought is something to be avoided.

Do I claim to spout Big T ‘Truth’? Certainly not . . . I don’t know that such a thing even exists . . . but I will certainly tell what I beleive to be either true or relevent to anyone who will listen, and then it is up to them to decide whether they find merit in what I have to say. It’s how I treat the opinions of others, and I wouldn’t expect any other reaction.