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How Danny-Boy Led Me To Discordianism

January 18, 2006

Danny-Boy is no favourite in my books . . . he was at one time probably my best friend. I knew him since I was four years old. That’s a long time. At a certain point Danny-Boy and I drifted apart. Which is, I believe, putting it mildly.

But, despite the fact that he is one of my least favourite people he is responsible in a roundabout way for two things in my life:

-Big Mama

Both through his brief affair with a girl named Kowalski. Kowalski was friends with a bunch of nutty girls, and through Danny-Boy and her I was introduced to them. Big Mama was one of these girls . . . and a different girl who I will refer to here as “Wyatt” was another of those girls.

I’ve gone into the Big Mama connection elsewhere, so suffice to say that was the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life, hands down.

But, the next best thing I suppose would be my introduction to Discordianism. This happened through Wyatt, who first leant me her copy of Robert Anton Wilson’s “Schroedinger’s Cat” when I was 23 (!) – and later actually bought me “Illuminatus!” for my birthday, which led to the discovery of the Principia Discordia. I first read the Principia Discordia through a friend of Wyatt’s boyfriend, so again she was involved. The Principia Discordia led to the many many many online Discordian societies and from there to where I am today. Happier and nuttier.

May You All Have Bats In Your Belfries Forevermore.

Friday Afternoon Thoughts

November 11, 2005

It is one minute after three o’clock as I begin to write this . . . I have just under two hours to go until I am out of this hellhole for over a week. Words really do fail at times such as these.

Yes, I still work here. Plans don’t go into motion that quickly or that easily, so just calm down.

What do I have to report? Eris works in strange ways . . . Big Mama’s co-worker from Hades quit without notice late last week, and then early this week his town was pummelled by a fierce tornado. Take THAT, mofo. Little did he know that he was fucking with the BGA. Ha, sucker.

What else? The Principia Discordia forums have erupted again into petty squabbling and mud-slinging. Just an average week over there. Some people have left and set up camp at the forums run by Synaptyx, where your faithful Baron discovered that he was being whispered about. Apparently it is believed that I am secretly someone named “Dags”. I assure all of you that I am not Dags, neither is he me.

Did I mention that someone very dear to my heart won the Principia Discordia forum Essay Contest? There were more whisperings that the essay contest was fixed. Well, why should the interweb be any different from the real world? Besides, if Mr. Salazar can take over a country by force why can’t he rig a silly essay contest on an internet forum? At any rate, it wasn’t fixed. So there.

So long, suckers . . . One. Week. Off.

Hail Motherfucking Eris.