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"Hoopla!" Minor Facelift

March 21, 2007

Lust, Groucho:48, 6006 YD (later)

I did a little tweaking to the look of Hoopla! last night – nothing major, just a few nips and tucks in the right places . . . I think the blog looks at least three years younger . . .

Let me know if you have any comments about the slightly new look, I doubt it would influence me to change anything, but you never know . . . I do cherish all your snakry remarks . . .

Weekend Videos

March 9, 2007

Gluttony, Groucho:36, 6006 YD

I’ve been having fun with the YouTube videos lately, and I was thinking about how I rarely post on the weekends . . . putting these two ideas together I’ve decided to post videos I enjoy on the weekends, since it seems I have nothing worthwhile to say.

So, this will begin tomorrow.

Until then.

It Will All Come When It Comes

June 23, 2005


On a different note:

Have no fear – I have not abandoned you all, my children . . . I have been busy lately with a lot of jazz and haven’t been able to form intelligent thoughts (or what passes as intelligent thought for me, anyway), and I feel it is better to write when you have something to say, rather than just natter on . . .

But do not dispair, I am in the works of compling discordian writings and hope to be finished by the end of July.

Of course, as a Discordian, or Erisian, or Chaoist, or whatever I want to refer to myself as today, I feel no need to pressure myself . . . Like the Happy Hooker said to the Pope: “It will all come when it comes.”

Hail Eris.

Not Quite 5

June 7, 2005

This afternoon I couldn’t think of anything to write about, so I asked Dharma Jam for advice via Instant Messenger. The conversation went like this:

P.T. Barnum says: (4:03:38 PM)
   i cant think of anything to write

Dharma Jam says: (4:04:15 PM)
   write about how it’s 4 and you want to go home and get high so urgently bad, and how you know every minute till 5 is gonna take 45 minutes to pass

P.T. Barnum says: (4:04:33 PM)
how is that discordian?

Dharma Jam says: (4:04:45 PM)
it’s not. it’s just my thoughts.

Dharma Jam says: (4:04:47 PM)

Dharma Jam says: (4:04:50 PM)

Dharma Jam says: (4:04:55 PM)
and smoke

P.T. Barnum says: (4:05:10 PM)
me too. good enough for me.

And, so here I am. Not especially Discordian, but since Discordian can mean pretty much anything, it can also mean this. We want to go home and smoke.

Hail Eris.

5-5-5 all around

May 5, 2005

Today is May 5th, 2005 – which makes it 5-5-5 . . . that’s got the Law of Fives all over it, this means something – it’s time to start a campaign . . . time to get people to look around and think more.

I’ve been inspired recently by many factors, and my plan is to use Discordianism as a means of inspiring more wonder, imagination and beauty to the world. I feel too many people are sleepwalking through their lives concerned only with the money they are making, the money they wish they were making, and how early they have to get up in the morning.

I plan to start small campaigns aimed at instigating a little bit of curiosity about the world.

I am going to work out some of the plans tonight, and I will outline a few tomorrow.

Until then, Hail Eris!