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October 16, 2006

Pride, Harpo:38, 6006 YD

“Po” was coined by psychologist Edward De Bono as a means of helping Lateral Thinking, which is what some people describe as ‘thinking outside the box’ but could be more accurately described as thinking beyond the normal Aristotelian Laws Of Thought. It is used as a method of changing perspectives and roads of thought.

Whereas a normal question such as “2 men dig a hole 5 feet deep in 3 hours, but how deep would it be if 23 men dug for 5 hours?” would be answered by simple mathematics De Bono’s “Po” would help jumpstart the thinking beyond the usual walls of imagination. For instance if you put the “hole” sandwiched with a ‘po’ and, say,”forest” like so:

hole po forest

. . . you might decide that 23 men digging a hole in a forest would be an unnecessarily complicated affair, and think about digging the hole elsewhere.

While Po might not be overly helpful in a standard math problem it would be extremely helpful in most arts, and in several other areas of life today.

Take some time to consider the following:

-flowers po murder

-children po UFOs

-rabbits po volcanoes

-war po homecooking

-death po comedy

Is Comedy More Realistic Than Drama?

December 13, 2005

This is a question which isn’t asked very often. I’m sure you’re asking yourself ‘what could possibly bring him to this conclusion?’ well, I have an answer for you.

In a word? Defecation.

Defecation is a large part of daily life, even if most of us would prefer to imagine it isn’t. In fact there are those of us who would prefer to pretend it doesn’t even occur. These people make the majorities of the dramas we see today.

In Ulysses James Joyce portrayed a man who urinated and defecated as any normal person would, in what was possibly the first truly realistic novel. The lesson, however, was not learned by the rest of the entertainment industry. It would still be at least thirty years until even a fart was heard on a movie screen, let alone any actual movements of bowels.

Today, defecation is still very taboo in films, unless it is a comedy. So, in this way, comedy is more realistic than the average drama. However, it should be noted that the only type of defecation allowable even in comedies is of the ‘explosive diarrhea’ type.

Without further adieu: Hail Eris.