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February 1, 2007

Gluttony, Groucho:1, 6006 YD

This is a business card which I have been leaving all around downtown Toronto for most of the month of Chico . . . nothing else, no website, no other information . . . So if you found one, I put it there.

The idea behind it was based on the concept of Discordian Ethics put forward by Vincent Verthaine, of the Church of Eris . . . that being -in a nutshell- that random confusion, if paid attention to, can stimulate the mind in ways it isn’t normally stimulated, which can lead to all sorts of wonderful ideas.

Of course, it’s also actually true . . . John Dillinger did indeed die for your sins.

“Stranger stop and wish me well, Just say a prayer for my soul in hell. I was a good fellow, most people said, Betrayed by a woman dressed all in red”
-found on a wall beside the Biograph Theater in Chicago