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First (and possibly penultimate) Contact With GD

May 25, 2006

Last night I finally made contact with GD, but what I had initially
suspected was true: DOGMA.

Alas, alas . . .

In one simple twenty-three minute conversation I was instructed of
several verboten words and topics, as well as being informed that my
pronunciation of certain ‘holy’ words was off, and instructed that I
had better believe in a “Superior Power”; I was temporarily thrown
off by all the rules and instructions, so I forget to tell him that
my Superior Power was the monumentally crazy bitch who ruled the
Multiverse. I feel certain the dupe would have believed me.

Next time.

A physical meeting is tentatively set up for next Wednesday, in which
time I will prepare many questions I currently have, although I
expect I will go no further with them. I don’t like the dogma of the
Catholic Church, I don’t like the dogma of the Scientologists and I
certainly don’t like the dogma of GD any better.