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Observations On Dreaming

December 19, 2005

Dreams have had the reputation of being strange and incomprehensible, but I think I may have discovered why.

I believe that we dream more than one dream at the same time.

Recently I was at home in the middle of the day, sick, and had the pleasure of taking a mid-afternoon nap. Being home alone I also took the opportunity to smoke a bowl or two, before hitting the sack. In addition to the reefer, I was on a couple Contact-C’s, or something similar.

I seemed to be conscious and unconscious at the same time for a while, at the beginning of my dream (or dreams).

This is going to be difficult to explain, but I shall do my best . . .

I went to bed, buzzing with a mixture of the Contact-C and the weed, and rested my weary head on the pillow and began to slowly doze off. “Slowly” is the key-word in the last sentence. As I drifted off tiny dreams began to pop in and out of my mind, amongst these dreams clocks began to softly chime. The clocks chiming sounded similar to the opening of Pink Floyd’s “Time”, but cuckoo clocks began to chime in as well. I seem to recall other weird little things which looked like pinwheels spinning around. The visuals seemed to pop up at me.

The impression I got was that the clocks and the spinning icons were meant to hypnotize me. The scene had been a normal dream but clocks chiming and cuckoos popping in and out seemed to ‘invade’ the dream from elsewhere. I felt that the scene was a warmup dream and that the intention is to drag your mind down to depths where the true dreams can begin.

As the cuckoos and chimes began to overtake things seemed to solidify and separate at the same time. I’m not certain how to describe this, but the warmup scene from a few moments earlier seemed to solidify into an actual dream, while at the same time break up into separate pieces. It seemed like looking a picture, then looking at the picture from above and realizing that the picture has three fronts, and we only usually see one.

I’m sure none of this is making sense in the least, but it is very difficult to describe.

Anyway, when the dream began I seemed to be aware of two or three separate (but related) dreams which were going on simultaneously. I was ‘in’ all of them, to various degrees, but some I was a character in, and in others I just watched (which I think is where the notion comes from that you are in a dream and also the observer) . . . certain details meshed from one reality to the other and people from one dream seemed able to communicate with the other dreams to a degree.

It’s as if my mind was a enormous switchboard and I was the operator monitoring all the dreams.

I have no idea what the dreams were about, I was too focused on watching the process of the dreams to pay attention to what the dreams were actually about.

Of course, it has occurred to me that the dreams were about multileveled dreams, and that it may have been an exceptionally normal dream about strange dreams. But, that in itself is bizarre and worth noting.

I’m not sure if this post has cleared anything up. If you read this and have dreamt anything similar please let me know.