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Which "ELF" Is Which?

July 21, 2006

On Friday, July 14th, the CityPlace condo construction site at the foot of Spadina Ave was vandalized to the price of two million dollars, possibly in the name of anti-progress, or possibly in the name of the promotion of discord.

The sabotage was claimed by a group calling themselves “ELF” (or, the “Earth Liberation Front”) – do these initials sound familiar to anyone? Most readers of “Hoopla!” will recognize it as the same acronym for the “Erisian Liberation Front”, also known as “ELF”.

The “Earth Liberation Front” was founded in Britain in the mid 90’s; the “Erisian Liberation Front” was founded at least as early as the 1960’s, possibly earlier depending on who you talk to, or how gullible you feel like being. Which group has claim on this acronym? Are they even truly different groups? How many licks to the centre of a Tootsie Pop?

The world may never know . . .