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St. Jerome’s Day

September 30, 2005

From “Ghostbusters”:

Venkman: “Have you, or any member of your family, ever been diagnosed schizophrenic? Mentally incompetent?”

Librarian: “My uncle thought he was St. Jerome.”

Venkman: “I’d say that’s a big yes.”

Jerome (342-420) is generally credited with having translated the Bible into the Vulgate (Latin); however a large part of the work was done by Paula and her daughter Eustochium after they all had settled in Bethlehem in 386. They worked on the translation and, when Jerome submitted his translations to them for correction and amendment, polished up his work as well. The work was finished about 404. Although Jerome dedicated a great number of his translations to the two women, later scholars erased their names and substituted the words ‘learned brothers.’

Those fucking scholars will screw you ever time.