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More Heavy Rain!

July 12, 2006

It is raining bathtubs outside right now . . . I’m watching for any
cats, dogs, or frogs . . . this is yet another of several heavy
rainstorms we’ve had recently in Hogtown – no hail yet, but I’m
paying close attention to see if I can break the hallways of reality
my co-workers currently live inside.

And, of course, you know the cause of this heavy rain . . . it’s the
Baby Jesus crying because you masturbate.

Hail, Or No Hail?

June 30, 2006

Yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon, a magnificent thunderstorm erupted; tubs of water dumped from the skies so hard it was difficult to see more than twenty or thirty feet with any accuracy. My co-workers and I gathered around the front window to stare at the falling water, as often happens with extremely violent rain: it still humbles the domesticated apes.

While the rain pelted down, I noticed pea-sized chunks of hail
bouncing around on the concrete, each melting soon after hitting the
ground. It was approximately 23ºC at the time.

Now, the POINT:

A few minutes afterwards, one of my co-workers said that it actually
had called for rain in the afternoon, but not for thunderstorms. I
asked “Did it call for HAIL?” – the two co-workers looked around at
me as if I had just asked if Bugs Bunny is God (which, of course, he
is), and one said “It wasn’t hailing.” and the other said “It’s too
warm for hail.”

I didn’t bother citing references of not only hail falling from the
sky in warm weather, but also fish, frogs, snails and blood. Pearls
before swine.

So, here we have two different reality tunnels. One, in which hail
doesn’t fall from the sky in warm weather, and one in which a lot of
crazy things can, and often do, happen.

Hail doesn’t fall in the summer in the world of my two co-workers, so
they didn’t see the hail; Hail, amongst other things, can fall from
the sky in warm weather in my world, and did.

Q: Did the hail fall?

A: Does a chicken have a pecker?

HAIL Eris!