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Not Quite 5

June 7, 2005

This afternoon I couldn’t think of anything to write about, so I asked Dharma Jam for advice via Instant Messenger. The conversation went like this:

P.T. Barnum says: (4:03:38 PM)
   i cant think of anything to write

Dharma Jam says: (4:04:15 PM)
   write about how it’s 4 and you want to go home and get high so urgently bad, and how you know every minute till 5 is gonna take 45 minutes to pass

P.T. Barnum says: (4:04:33 PM)
how is that discordian?

Dharma Jam says: (4:04:45 PM)
it’s not. it’s just my thoughts.

Dharma Jam says: (4:04:47 PM)

Dharma Jam says: (4:04:50 PM)

Dharma Jam says: (4:04:55 PM)
and smoke

P.T. Barnum says: (4:05:10 PM)
me too. good enough for me.

And, so here I am. Not especially Discordian, but since Discordian can mean pretty much anything, it can also mean this. We want to go home and smoke.

Hail Eris.