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March 22, 2006

I’ve been thinking about conspiracies lately. For years I loathed the notion of conspiracies . . . being fond of Forteana since birth I found I was always wading waist-deep through pools of conspiracy; probably the reason I avoided UFO literature for so long, it’s a genre hammered together piecemeal from hundreds of nutcases’ progressively more bizarre persecution fables. Give me ghosts and bigfoot any day of the week, was my former opinion.

Looking back, I would say that all changed when my interest in the Jack the Ripper case matured in my 20s. The case is rife with conspiracy. To avoid the notion in investigating that case is to ignore at least 75% of the information available. I had always been interested in the case for some morbid reason I still don’t fully understand, but around the age of 20 stumbled across the Diary Of Jack The Ripper, a fascinating bit of writing, fiction or otherwise . . . I won’t go into the case at length here, or I would be writing all day, suffice to say that from the Diary Of Jack The Ripper I stumbled onto The Final Solution which deals primarily with a HUGE Royal conspiracy. A conspiracy which is sniffed at by many Ripperologists, and I’m not certain I believe it myself, but nonetheless it is a fascinating read.

I was hooked.

The Watergate caper proved that large-scale conspiracy certainly did happen, which made me doubt my old doubts. When you start to doubt your doubts you can easily fall into infinite regression, which is the path to insanity, or perhaps enlightenment. If you’re lucky. For me it lead closer and closer to agnosticism. To believe anything fully was beginning to look like folly. 9/11 eventually happened, and the conspiracies followed snapping at its heels. The shock was so new that to doubt any of the standard stories was to be branded a paranoid conspiracy nutcase, but like Charles Manson pointed out “being totally paranoid is being totally aware”, which has some truth in it.

Recently I have been introduced to the concept of “zeteticism”, which could be described as being skeptical about everything, including your own skepticism. Insanity? Perhaps, but it seems to help me from being lulled into the somnambulism “they” want to keep us all in. You would imagine I live in state of constant fear, and yet, strangely, since beginning to hold this philosophy I have felt more at peace than I ever did before.

My point?

Paranoia is the key to inner peace.

Do you believe THAT?

Mary Jane Kelly R.I.P.

November 9, 2005

You are remembered.