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Oh, Happy Day!

July 15, 2005

It’s Friday, my favourite day. For more of my feelings on Friday please see “An Open Letter To Friday”, or don’t. I already read it, so what do I care?

Last day before vacation. This cannot be put into words, but would best be expressed as a Bob Fosse dance number, including white gloves and jazz hands. A full brass section would be nice, and perhaps children tossing flower petals to the wind. Some young lovers staring at each other whistfully in front of a huge grapefruit moon. A frog dancing with a bamboo cane. A comedy act including a real cream pie, not just a pie-plate filled with whip-cream. Violins at the end swelling into something ear-splittingly heartbreaking yet wondrous.

In short, nothing spectacular, but devilishly grandiose nonetheless.


Hail Eris All Hail Discordia