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May 11, 2006

It took MUCH longer than I expected!


April 18, 2006

Good things DO happen.

Monday Morning Madness

July 4, 2005

I suppose the best way to deal with working one-on-one with an insane and unreasonable photographer bent on selling you his vision of the colours in his pics, when nothing even remotely similar exists in the image, would be to remember what a fantastic weekend you had with the love of your life, and to also remember that what you do at your job is merely a means to an end, and finances your true life, which is having fun and growing old with Dharma Jam.

And even if this insane photographer sits on your lap telling you exactly which buttons to press, and when, and why, just remember that you are here until five, and after that you can hunt him down to his house and skin him.

Ah, imagination – how long ago would I have driven myself buggy without you?

Hail Eris – Give me strength!

Work Frustration

May 10, 2005

When completely frustrated at work, a nice thing to do is take a five minute vacation . . . to the restroom.

Sit back, breathe deeply (from the diaphragm!), think about something nice and simple, like an apple. Gold or otherwise. Think about the chemicals of anger coursing through your veins, and remember that your body functions like a robot, but that you are not a robot. Feel the anger, acknowledge the anger, but don’t be controlled by the anger. If you are controlled by the anger, you are a robot.

Shooting everyone at your place of work may bring you momentary relief, but just think about the legal fees.

Three more days.

Breathe in, Hail Eris. Breathe out, All Hail Discordia.