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Men In Black: Discordian Agents?

November 13, 2006

Pride, Harpo:66, 6006 YD

The first alleged Men In Black contact was in 1947, following the infamous Maury Island Incident, when a Unidentified Flying Object reportedly dumped slag onto Harold Dahl’s boat, killing his dog and injuring his son. Shortly afterward, Dahl was visited by a tall man in a black suit who issued somewhat vague threats about the safety of Dahl’s family if he should choose to publicize the story, which he proceeded to do anyway, only to later retract it. The story was picked up and published by UFO enthusiast Alfred Bender, who -himself- was threatened by Men In Black.

Throughout UFO history the Men In Black have been one of the strangest aspects of the entire mystery, which is somewhat of an achievement in itself, considering the glut of wild and seemingly insane stories which have been reported (pancakes from outer-space anyone?) in fact, one need look no further than the strange case of Dr. Herbert Hopkins for proof that the MIB are indeed a strange case all their own.

Recently, however, I have been pondering a certain case in John Keel’s “The Mothman Prophesies” which has been leading me to suspect that there may be other motives for the high strangeness of these cases . . . something a littler closer to home . . . on page 89 of “The Mothman Prophesies” Keel reports that a tall man visited the family of one Edward Christiansen on January 9, 1967 CE, under the pretense that he was from the Missing Heirs Bureau. After being invited inside, the man, who was well over six feet tall, removed his coat revealing a gold badge – which he quickly covered, then removed and placed in a pocket.

pg90:“It looked like a gold or brass badge,” Connie told me later. “But it wasn’t an ordinary police badge or anything like that. We got a glimpse of it . . . but it seemed to have a big K on it . . .” – The Mothman Prophesies, John Keel.

The man introduced himself, but after he left none of the family members could remember the name, except that he said people called him “Tiny”. Tiny was exceedingly pale, spoke somewhat robotic, and had a wire running down his leg from inside his rather short trousers and into his sock. As he spoke to the family his face became redder and redder, until he finally asked for a glass of water. When he left the family’s home he gestured into the night and a black car pulled up, without any headlights on.

As I continue to ponder the badge that “Tiny” wore I am forced to wonder if all this madness is merely confusion for confusion’s sake . . . no true connection to UFO business at all, but simply some rogue Discordian deciding to do as the Goddess would do, and stir up the pot a little bit . . . but then I wonder, what could the “K” have stood for? Keel thinks the family mixed up the figure, and that it was really the Greek letter Sigma, but of all the figures in the world what made Keel decide on a Greek letter? And is it possible that whatever it was only looked like a badge? A golden apple on a shirt would certainly still be within the shape of a badge . . . could the “K” have stood for Kallisti? The world may never know.