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August 15, 2005


The road you can talk about is not the road you walk on.

How often do you find yourself saying that Person A “is a fucking liar”, or that Person B “is a bore” on a daily basis? We make judgments like this everyday without ever really realizing the full implications of what we are ultimately doing. What we are doing is stamping, or branding, that person with an idea of his or her ‘essence’ . . . in the core of that person’s being they are a liar, or a bore.

But is this true?

Is this person ‘a liar’, or do they simply sometimes lie? To be truly a liar one would have to lie about absolutely everything. Every single word they spoke would need to be a lie. What if the person sees you on the street and says “Hello!” – how can that be a lie? “Good day”, perhaps. Or, what about the bore? Is this person truly boring, at all moments, or do they simply seem to be boring in your presence? James Joyce was quoted as saying that he didn’t believe there was such a thing as a boring person. So, can that person be a bore?

Perhaps the correct way to describe these people in a truthful manner would be to classify them in this manner, “I don’t care for Person A because he seems to lie a lot.” or “Person B isn’t my cup of tea, in regards to my tastes and interests I find them to be boring most of the time.”

If this seems to be overly complicated and long-winded, I would agree with you, but consider this, how different would our world be, tomorrow, if people didn’t routinely think in these ways:

-That person “is” a thief
-That person “is” a nigger
-That person “is” a Republican
-That person “is” a racist
-That person “is” slutty
-That person “is” a soldier
-That person “is” a murderer

Would a lot of our prejudices and stupidities melt away?


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