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Moose Attacked Moose Statue

October 21, 2005

Moose attacked moose statue
A family in the coastal Telemark town of Bamble had erected a statue of a moose in their garden, but a pair of the real thing apparently didn’t approve.

Anne Marie and Lars Johan Tveten heard some noise one night last week in the garden of their farm, which lies in the heart of moose terrain. “We thought it was the clothesline that had blown down, Anne Marie Tveten told

But when the couple woke up the next morning, “two moose were staring at us just a meter-and-a-half from our bedroom window,” she said. The two moose then turned their backs on the Tvetens and wandered off into the forest.

The Tvetens are relatively accustomed to having moose in their backyards, so seeing the pair first thing in the morning wasn’t so shocking. But then they saw what had made the noise the night before, according to local newspaper Telemarksavisa.

The two moose had apparently taken out a bit of aggression on the Tveten’s moose statue, which was lying broken in several places on some stone steps leading down to their cellar.

“We were surprised,” Tveten said. “The statue must have weighed around 200 kilos.”

It remains unclear whether the moose felt threatened by the statue, or whether they were simply irritable, since it’s the middle of the annual moose hunting season in Norway.

“We don’t know why they ruined the statue, earlier they’ve only been interested in our apple and pear trees,” Tveten said.

The moose statue’s head was broken off, and the Tvetens view the damage as irreparable.

*****You may laugh, and I would have too before, that is until I saw the statue that my hometown erected in my honour . . . first they made my head too big, they made my crotch too small, and they failed to depict me stepping on the heads of children. I went apeshit and tore the statue to pieces. I was lucky that the statue was made of Fig Newtons.