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Two Clowns Shot Dead At Circus

February 27, 2007

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BOGOTA (Reuters) – Two clowns were shot and killed by an unidentified gunman during their performance at a traveling circus in the eastern Colombian town of Cucuta, police said Wednesday.

The gunman burst into the Circo del Sol de Cali Monday night and shot the clowns in front of an audience of 20 to 50 people, local police chief Jose Humberto Henao told Reuters. One of the clowns was killed instantly and the second died the next day in hospital.

“The killings had little to do with the show the victims were performing at the time of the incident,” Henao said in a telephone interview. “We are investigating the motive.”

With an entrance fee of under 50 U.S. cents, Circo del Sol de Cali attracts mostly poor Colombians. It pitched it tents in Cucuta, near the border with Venezuela, earlier this month.

“The clowns came out to give their show and then this guy came out shooting them,” one audience member told local television. “It was ghastly.”

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October 16, 2006

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“Po” was coined by psychologist Edward De Bono as a means of helping Lateral Thinking, which is what some people describe as ‘thinking outside the box’ but could be more accurately described as thinking beyond the normal Aristotelian Laws Of Thought. It is used as a method of changing perspectives and roads of thought.

Whereas a normal question such as “2 men dig a hole 5 feet deep in 3 hours, but how deep would it be if 23 men dug for 5 hours?” would be answered by simple mathematics De Bono’s “Po” would help jumpstart the thinking beyond the usual walls of imagination. For instance if you put the “hole” sandwiched with a ‘po’ and, say,”forest” like so:

hole po forest

. . . you might decide that 23 men digging a hole in a forest would be an unnecessarily complicated affair, and think about digging the hole elsewhere.

While Po might not be overly helpful in a standard math problem it would be extremely helpful in most arts, and in several other areas of life today.

Take some time to consider the following:

-flowers po murder

-children po UFOs

-rabbits po volcanoes

-war po homecooking

-death po comedy

Be Like The Dog

May 26, 2005

I was thinking today about the man who was planning to shoot a bunch of people here in Hogtown about a year ago.

If you don’t know the story, he drove to a park in the east end, planning to shoot dead as many people as he could before he was gunned down by the police. His car was loaded with guns and ammo. He got out of his car, and was getting ready to open fire when a dog he didn’t know ran up, and started to play with him.

He decided not to kill anyone because the dog showed unconditional kindness to him. The man turned himself into the police so he wouldn’t change his mind later.

Last night at the meeting we discussed small bits of change that can hopefully make a tiny difference in someone”s life. Silly things like blowing up as many balloons as you can on the subway, with other agents doing likewise. Try to tape them to the walls if you can. Drop confetti . . . have fun.

Who knows, you may not know it at the time, but you could change someone’s life.

Hail Eris. All Hail Discordia.

*****EDIT: This man later admitted to having made the entire episode up.